Thursday, April 29, 2010

BACnet Elevator re-draft completed

It took most of the week, but the re-draft of the BACnet Elevator proposal is complete! It's posted online for BACnet Elevator Working Group (EL-WG) review and comment, and submitted to the current BACnet chairman for the spring meeting the week after next.

It's also finally reached the point where it's in the form of a complete BACnet proposal; one that could be voted out for public review. Though I know this committee too well: they're going to want to tweak and change everything indefinitely. And besides, it proposes the creation of another standard, ASHRAE Standard 135.2P, "Structural Presentation in BACnet." (I know that title will change, but whether it gets relegated to an annex in the main BACnet standard remains to be seen.) But that part will probably be split off and sent to the AP-WG, because that's in their purview.

We also have the difficulty of having two disjoint groups of subject matter experts involved: BACneteers and the elevator industry. Per Prof. Dr. Albert So's suggestion, I highlighted areas in which we specifically need review by the elevator industry -- they needn't get into the complex arcana of the SubscribeCOVPropertyMultiple service request, for example.

Now I'm ready for the trips that keep me away from office the next two weeks.

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