Friday, April 23, 2010

Call for articles (BACnet Today)

The "Father of BACnet", Cornell's Mike Newman, has reminded me that the ASHRAE Journal hes issued a call for articles to appear in this fall's "BACnet Today" update on what is going on in the BACnet world. For my part I have assented to write up what's going on with BACnet in Europe -- and there is a lot that has happened since the last update.

There are some interesting-sounding articles in the works, but of course there's always room for more. One thing that might be interesting is for someone to write about the experience of taking an extension of the BACnet standrd from introduction to publication. The Fire/Life-Safety extensions were perhaps added too long ago (10 years), but the recent BACnet/ZigBee Wireless or Physical Access Control extensions might be timely items. Or Lighting Control (though it's not gone to publication yet). It's rather a bit early yet for CCTV or Elevators.

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