Thursday, April 15, 2010

"And I don't know if I'm ever coming home"

Things aren't quite as gloomy here as that line from an old '60s song, but the Icelandic volcano eruption has created quite a mess here in Frankfurt. One colleague went from "possible" to get home tomorrow after a LONG trip to "airport closed indefinitely" this evening. Reports are that hotels are being rebooked full.
I won't know about my travel until sometime tomorrow soonest, but as I was scheduled to connect home in Amsterdam (Schiphol, AMS) on Saturday I am not expecting good news.

On the other hand todays's talk on "Energy Standards and Energy Efficiency" went pretty well, even by my self-critical standards. (I didn't embarrass myself much outside of a small stumble pronouncing "Gebäude.") A pity more of the BIG-EU folks were not in attendance to see the good use I made of our slogan for this stand to wind up and summarize my talk, but oh well.

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