Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It was about the time I was speaking at the Building Performance Congress during the Light+Building show in Frankfurt (many thanks to my good colleague Teemu Heikkilä for the only photo I have of that speaking engagement) that things began to go awry with folks' travel plans in Europe; now the various stories are beginning to come out.

When I got back word was all around Alerton about Per Olof's arduous 20-hour journey to Sweden -- or was it 120 hours? One story says it took him 5 days. And 5 or 6 days seems to be the magic number for my various colleagues, American and Russian, stranded in Europe.

But the worst tale to come my way thus far was Teemu's. He left Frankfurt on Friday morning by train (he was very fortunate -- on Sunday I was still hearing about the very long lines at the train station), but it would be a 52-hour journey by train, taxi, bus and boat to get home to Helsinki, with apparently long stopovers in Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm.

I applaud George Thomas for his plans to return to Europe shortly. He says, "I want to show the volcano who is boss." Good luck, George!

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