Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It seems we weren't clear enough

When the committee approved Addendum 135-2008l (new workstation profiles and requirements) for publication we thought it was clear that the requirements for claiming a certain device profile were not absolute requirements but merely a "floor" -- a device could claim a profile if it met the required BIBBs, but it could claim others in addition to those required BIBBs!

It seems we were not clear enough on this point. I learned today that there is a workstation that met the former B-OWS, Operator WorkStation, profile, but that after the publication of Addendum l with the new reduced minimum requirements (the remaining ones becoming part of the new B-AWS, Advanced Workstation profile, the workstation developers removed all capabilities above that of the new B-OWS profile!

Iis clear that the BACnet committee has not communicated very well the relationship of BIBBs and device profiles. The profiles establish a baseline of requirements, and one is free to implement BIBBs over and above those minimums. The PICS provide a means for advertising the additional capabilities.

I will advise the folks involved of their error. (They'd likely figure it out soon enough anyway.) But the Standard clearly needs to be more clear on this point.

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