Sunday, April 11, 2010

Light+Building & BACnet, day one

I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany, yesterday afternoon after a tiring 24-hour journey door-to-doot, home to hotel. I'd say grueling but it wasn't; just unable to sleep when I could afford to (on the planes) and barely able to stay awake when I couldn't afford to (at the gates). Nevertheless I got here, went through my usual adjustment routine, and was pretty much on schedule this morning.

My stint at booth duty wasn't scheduled to begin until 11:30 but I decided to go early to look around.

First impression: This show is HUGE, easily 3 to 4 times the size of the AHR Expo. I was glad for the shuttle buses that took one around the grounds, starting at Hall 1 and going all the way back to Hall 11 (Alerton is in Halle 9.0 D61: Hall 9, ground (0) floor, Row D, Booth 61).

Second impression: Sunday looked like it would be (and was) lightly attended. I know I was not the only annoyed at a Sunday showing, but apparently two of the halls were thronged, so there may be reason for this.

Third impression: Nice booth, Alerton! I was expecting something like a 10' (well, 3 or 4 meters) booth with folding backdrops, not anything like this!

So although it was a very low day (I talked with all of two or three potential customers), it was useful for warming up the points I'll likely be making the next few days in a relaxed environment. It was also good for touching base with many of my BACnet colleagues and competitors, learning about their new product offerings, and for a few technical chats on various BACnet topics.

It was also good to visit with the other BIG-EU members at the huge BIG-EU booth -- maybe in the next few days I'll find a spot where I can get it all in one photo.

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