Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Writing a standard -- from scratch!

In recent BACnet committee meetings it became evident that the BACnet Elevator effort was going to need a document that defined the structure of BACnet objects representing elevator systems in BACnet. (I wrote about that structure a few weeks ago.) We even agreed it would be ASHRAE Standard 135.2P ("P" for proposed).

With the changes all in on the material (the new objects, properties and services) that will go into ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2008, I am now starting to draft Standard 135.2P, tentatively named "System Applications in BACnet." It's a surprisingly interesting task. One starts with a title, a foreword, and the first three clauses are Purpose ("Purpose... I need a purpose..."), Scope and Definitions. And then the fun begins.

How will the rest of it be organized? At this point I have endless freedom, though that will end once the committee gets its hand on it. But it's likely the general form will be preserved, once I figure it out.

I had to re-do the nice color diagram of some weeks back. Plain and simple, black & white, is what the standard requires.

Uh-oh. Standard 135.2? We had difficulties keeping ASHRAE from forming a "SPC 135.1" (Standard Project COmmittee, developing a standard) committee back when we were developing the test standard, and I think there may still be a shadow SSPC 135.1 (Standing Standard Project COmmittee, maintaining the standard) on the books. Will we now have an SPC 135.2 committee?

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