Monday, April 19, 2010

Being stranded, extended

It was no great surprise to learn today that my flights home tomorrow were cancelled. At this avionics website one can look at the progress of the ash cloud and firgure we're not clearing soon unless the airline execs have their way in saying "there is no danger." (For all *I* know they could be right.)

I've been missing numerous webcasts and teleconferences, but in a few days I hope to catch up. In the meantime there is work I can do remotely.

I hope my Swiss colleagues in Chicago are in a similar place. Here in Frankfurt I've met some native Anglophones (I'm including Aussies in this category ;^) who are not... :^|

Cheers, y'all..

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  1. BACnet Bill may be stranded - but he still took time to churn out a 1,000 word article on BACnet and the Smart Grid for an ASHRAE media request. He rocks!