Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am out of the office for some Honeywell training, but when I check my e-mail it's clear a meeting of the BACnet committee is about to begin.

A week or two before a meeting there's a flurry of new or revised change proposals being submitted for discussion (hopefully, if there is time for them and there never is for all). Then the working group agendas appear. Finally there is the announcement by the committee chair that material is posted on the BACnet FTP server, usually with a submission deadline (after the deadline, the material is included in a "Meeting Updates" folder).

The last event occurred today. There's a special three-day "summit" of self-selected BACnet experts starting Friday, in advance of the regular meeting of the entire committee Monday through Friday.

Unfortunately, due to the training I will not be flying out to Atlanta tomorrow morning. I had to take a red-eye instead; it will not be a good thing to start the meeting tired.

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