Saturday, October 31, 2009

BAC home again

Sorry for the silence. Got caught up in material not of interest here that ate up all my time.

Returned home last night from NIST's "Measurement Science Roadmap for Net-Zero Energy Buildings Workshop." This workshop was intended to give NIST directions for future work in terms of what is needed in order to get to net-zero energy buildings. A very interesting workshop -- among other things it turns out there are at least four different definitions of what it means to be a "net zero energy" building.

("Measurement Science" is a term unfamiliar to most of us, but at NIST it is fairly well defined with a broad scope including reference data, measurement methods, (standardized) methods of testing, predictive tools, comparison studies, information models, and so on.)

After the opening session the workshop split into five working groups; nearly all of us (we were not many) representing the building automation controls industry were in the Intelligent Buildings working group. It was interesting to see how a number of points and issues our group raised were also raised by a number of the other working groups (Whole Buildings, Energy Production, Building Envelope, Building Equipment Energy) in the final read-out session.

NIST will be sending us the powerpoints, worksheets, summaries and more in the next couple of weeks; the review is going to be interesting. These may set some long-term goals for BACnet development in order to more fully support net-zero energy buildings.

Here is the Intelligent Building group voting on issues and going on break.

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