Monday, October 12, 2009

Full agenda

The BACnet Testing Labs Working Group (BTL-WG) is meeting today, in rainy Atlanta, in advance of the plugfest the next three days. We're now through the usual preliminaries (power for the laptops -- hotels are getting better at this) and Internet access (just got the codes, but I'm online through my cellphone). Agenda about to be approved, and even before amendment it looks like a full day ahead:

4. BTL Clarification Request

   a. BTL-CRR-KV05-ObjectID VersionRemotebroadcast - renewed discussion.

   b. BTL-CR-0081-TimeSynchronization.doc

   c. BTL-CR-0082-ReadOnlyTest.doc

   d. BTL-CR-0083-nonDocumentedProperty.doc

   e. BTL-CR-0084-EventEnableLogging.doc

   f. BTL-CR-0085-NewMSTPTest.doc

   g. BTL-CR-0086-ImplGuideChgs.doc

5. Round 5.1 documents

   a. BIP NAT Tests-3

   b. Test Changes per new Error Codes - CN-123

   c. Test Changes Priority-Filter - CN-124

   d. 135-2004b-5 - restart parameters

   e. TLM documents

   f. BTL Specified Tests-Add135-2004b-6-TimeSync-2.doc

   g. BTL Specified Tests-Add135-2004b-9-BroadcastDER-2.doc

   h. BTL Specified Tests-Add135-2004m-1-FDReg-2.doc

   i. BTL Specified Tests-Add135-2004m-4-ReAckAlarms-2.doc

   j. BTL Specified Tests-Add135-2004q-1-UnicastIAm-2.doc

A lot of folks absent today.

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