Saturday, October 10, 2009

PlugFest Preparations

The BACnet International PlugFest begins Tuesday morning. I'm packed and ready to start my journey to Atlanta Sunday morning (arriving late in the evening), because the BACnet Testing Lab Working Group will meet Monday in advance of the PlugFest, Tuesday through Thursday.

Alerton's world-reknowned PlugFest testers (well, all of us but me) are ready, prepared and armed to tackle, surmount and report on any difficulty we meet. Which doesn't really mean a lot, since many of us at these plugfests are veterans, we pretty well know where the problems could lie, and know that those who do not have BTL Listings for any of their products are the least likely to "play well with others." (Exceptions do occur, I might add.)

Looking forward to a week of combining intense focus and intense boredom, all in the cause of BACnet!

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