Thursday, November 12, 2009

"MS/TP wiring" addendum to go to publication

While reviewing the status of addenda in publication this autumn, it was announced that Addendum 135-2008y, "Specify Deployment Options for MS/TP," passed public review with only one comment and that one was editorial. Under ASHRAE rules this means that this addendum will go straight to publication.

This addendum is important in its comprehensive approach to wiring MS/TP networks, covering two-wire, two-wire plus ground or shield, and two-wire plus ground and shield wiring. I know some manufacturers of VFDs, which generate a lot of electrical noise, will be pleased with this outcome. Anyone who deploys MS/TP LANs should read this addendum.

When ASHRAE published this addendum (in a few weeks), it will appear here. A draft version was posted on the BACnet website.

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