Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IT-WG kickoff

The IT Working Group (as Jim Butler admits, it's "IT" only because we couldn't think of something better, and more dealing with IT folks is in our future) had its kickoff meeting this afternoon. While the other BACnet working groups tend to be pretty much focused on needs here & now, the IT-WG will be taking a longer-term view.

(Hmmm... I don't suppose "B2F-WG", or "BAC[net] to the Future" would be acceptable to the committee that long ago rejected "BACtalk" as being too cheeky, leaving that as a brand name to be picked up by a certain vendor.)

In any event, we had an interesting 2-hour brainstorming session, complete with voting to rank the various projected future issues, very similar to what we we did almost two weeks ago in NIST's "Measurement Science for Net-Zero-Energy Buildings" workshop. Jim will produce a working document from the compiled results and circulate for the next meeting at Winter ASHRAE. It will be an interesting read, I am sure.

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