Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel - Governing Board

The runoff election in Category 18 is done and the SGIP Board is announced (which might not mean a lot to most folks, but there was considerable electioneering involved since this group is going to be shaping the future of power distribution in the U.S.):

Category 1 - Appliance and consumer electronics providers: Brian Markwalter,
Consumer Electronics Association

Category 2 - Commercial and Industrial equipment manufacturers and automation vendors: Tariq Samad, Honeywell

Category 3 - Consumers – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial: Todd Rytting,
Panasonic Electric Works Laboratory of America

Category 4 - Electric transportation industry Stakeholders: * open *

Category 5 - Electric utility companies – Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) and Publicly Owned Utilities: George Bjelovuk, American Electric Power

Category 6 - Electric utility companies—Municipal (MUNI): * open *

Category 7 - Electric utility companies—Rural Electric Association (REA): Bob Saint,
National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

Category 8 - Electricity and financial market traders (includes aggregators): * open *

Category 9 - Independent power producers: Kenneth Van Meter, Lockheed Martin’s Energy Solutions

Category 10 - Information and communication technologies (ICT) Infrastructure and Service Providers: Matthew Theall, Intel Corporation

Category 11 - Information technology (IT) application developers and integrators: Vint Cerf, Google Inc.

Category 12 - Power equipment manufacturers and vendors: Le Tang, ABB Inc.

Category 13 - Professional societies, users groups, trade associations and industry consortia: Wayne Longcore, Consumers Energy

Category 14 - R&D organizations and academia: Mladen Kezunovic, Texas A&M University

Category 15 - Relevant Federal Government Agencies: Perry Pederson, Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Category 16 - Renewable Power Producers: John Nunneley, SunSpec Alliance

Category 17 - Retail Service Providers: Brent Hodges, Reliant Energy

Category 18 - Standards and specification development organizations (SDOs): John Caskey, National Electrical Manufacturers Assoc. (NEMA)

Category 19 - State and local regulators: Paul Centolella, Public Utility Commission of Ohio

Category 20 - Testing and Certification Vendors: Rik Drummond, Drummond Group Inc.

Category 21 - Transmission operators and Independent System Operators: Jamshid Afnan,
ISO New England Inc.

Category 22 - Venture Capital: * open *

Category 23 - At Large:

   Paul De Martini, Southern California Edison

   John McDonald, GE Energy

   Mark McGranaghan, Electric Power Research Institute

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