Monday, November 9, 2009

BACnet meetings begin

The week-long meeting of the BACnet Committee and its working groups is now underway, per the schedule posted above. The TI-WG has already revised a couple of addenda (revised and new tests) to the BACnet testing standard and sent them up for the entire committee to review and approve for public review this coming spring.

A hearty welcome to Chirag Nanavati from Softdel in Pune, India, who operates the BACnet Testing Lab. I, at least, look forward to hearing more about their testing operations and improvements they see that can be made to the BTL processes.

Update: The key to the working groups in the chart is as follows:

AP - Application Profiles (VFD, VAV, etc.)

IP - Internet Protocol (BACnet over the Internet)

MSTP - BACnet's Master-Slave Token Passing LAN and serial communications

LA - Lighting Applications

NS - Network Security (encryption and authentication)

OS - Objects & Services ("under the hood" stuff in BACnet)

SG - Smart Grid (formerly energy Utilities Integration)

TI - Testing & Interoperation (testing BACnet devices for conformance and interoperability)

WN - Wireless Networking

XML - Extended Markup Language applications in BACnet

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