Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow going

The committee process is often very slow, and today is an example. The Objects & Services Working Group (OS-WG), under Bernhard Isler's leadership, has been working hard to streamline and accelerate its processing of public review comments for addenda in its purview. This is necessary due to the number of addenda that have been in public review and the number of comments that were submitted.

One helpful measure is to hand members the task of reviewing comments ahead of time and to draft responses for the group to review. Yet for all this, it looks like it will take most of the day to get through due to the debates triggered by the comments. (We will still have Friday for change proposals.)

The addenda before the OS-WG are:

   Addendum 135-2008p: Global Group object (per request from Japan)

   Addendum 135-2008u: error codes

   Addendum 135-2008w: new primitive value objects

   Addendum 135-2008x: mostly clarifications

   Addendum 135-2008z: miscellaneous changes

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