Monday, November 9, 2009

MS/TP Working Group discussions

The MS/TP working group considered several issues, including:

1. Auto-addressing MS/TP devices. Craig Gemmill noted that this had been discussed last year, that there is a wish for this kind of capability, but that expectations varied. It was also noted that various protocols have solved this in various ways, and some of the methods were discussed. There are people not active with the BACnet committee working on this, and there may be a proposal for review during the Orlando meeting in January.

2. A proposal from Jim Butler, JB-030, "Minor Corrections to the MS/TP Master USE_TOKEN State Description," with changes to Clause that he believed were editorial in nature. The group agreed and voted the proposal up for review by the entire committee.

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  1. Concept is covered by patent application 20090271001. Google it.