Monday, September 28, 2009


A few days ago I was called into a videotaping session, part of the preparations for Alerton's upcoming annual sales meeting. It seemed simple enough, just answer the questions "Why is BACnet great?" and "What does 'Native BACnet' mean?" And yet, the first time went really poorly (in my opinion, though a big feature of the retaping was a completely different lighting setup). The videographer was so happy with the first run he almost didn't record any subsequent "just in case" repeats. He said these would likely be posted on the Alerton website soon.

All of which brought back earlier BACnet-related tapings. I don't have one of an audience with the vice-mayor of Shenzhen, China -- though that was organized so differently from what my hosts expected I may be glad I don't have a copy. We thought I was going to make a presentation, but instead it seemed we made short speeaches to each other via translators, television cameras rolling. And it was aired on Chinese television that evening.

Another occurred a couple of years ago for a conference in the SF Bay Area. This was arranged in advance and done on a quick one-day trip to San Francisco. It was subsequently posted on YouTube. I had to e-mail the filmmaker, Aron Ranen (who is really good at this stuff), for the URL. Hr replied:

...I have cc'd Bob & Kyle Brown.

Part one

Part two

You are on part around five minutes

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