Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"BACnet ... from the outside in"

The first thing I saw in my e-mail this morning was a note from ASHRAE highlighting this column from BACnet International President Andy McMillan, saying "nice BACnet feature." I went to read it... and found myself quoted there!

It must have been something I said in conversation. It's true enough, when I was appointed to become the company's BACnet expert I read the standard beginning to end several times and it did give me headaches for some time, until the various elements began to coalesce. And that is my lead-off in my "BACnet for Developers" course in which I note that that's the wrong order for grasping BACnet -- you are better off starting with Chapter 12.

I thought maybe the quote came from a "Getting Started" paper I wrote a couple of years ago in which maybe the humor missed the mark because it was never published, but no, it is not written that way.

Oh well. Andy's written a good column on the subject of "So, what can we do for [BACnet] outsiders?" I recommend it.

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