Tuesday, September 22, 2009

(Almost live) from Facility Decisions Conference

The first day of the Facility Decisions conference, co-sponsored by BACnet International, here in Las Vegas has ended. It looks well organized, especially running 8 different tracks concurrently and keeping all on time! Several people remarked this morning that the attendance was pretty good, and that there were some from all across the country.

One interesting thing I had not seen before were the number of side or extra "events' -- the B.I. awards ceremony (congratulations, "Ray" Kolasa!), the ice-cream social, the various drawings and many more things going on around the periphery such as filming 2-1/2 sales spiels by the exhibitors.

I have photos to go with this posting (including ABB's Mike Olson giving his spiel, eventually without the reflective faceplate that showed me in the background!), but my SD card reader seems to have died. Maybe later -- stay tuned.

9/26 Update: Photos at last! A very busy week and it wasn't until some down time in Paris Orly airport that I was able to get them posted. Including the following from the BACnet International booth, with President And McMillan, Marketing Chair Mike Wilson, and office director Natalie Nardone.

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