Tuesday, September 29, 2009

European PlugFest in 2010?

In this morning's Executive/Advisory Board meeting (still underway) there was clarification of an item mentioned yesterday -- the possibility of an EU Interoperability Workshop (aka plugfest) in 2010 springtime. Apparently a potential host has been identified and discussions on arrangements are underway with an official announcement to follow if everything works out.

This came as a surprise to me because BIG-EU had earlier decided that having a European plugfest every other year would be sufficient. But if an annual plugfest will have sufficient draw, I am all in favor of it. In the world of BACnet development, two years is a LONG time.

And BIG-EU will continue to hold our plugfest in the spring, opposite BACnet International's autumn plugfest, for maximum participation. At the very least, I'd encourage all manufacturers planning to sell in Europe to attend the plugfest.

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