Friday, September 4, 2009

Strasbourg is go

I finally booked the trip for the BIG-EU meeting in Strasbourg in a few weeks. The effort to get my wife there on my frequent-flyer miles finally fell through (a temporary result of the Delta/NW merger) this morning. So I went ahead to book.

The corporate travel site gave me flights and connections that were grim at best and improbable at times (35 minutes to make a connection? In O'Hare??). And then it wouldn't guarantee pricing if I did book. So I called our travel office and in short order had decent flights with good connection times, even if I have to change airports in Paris.

I sent the info to my German boss; he lives not far away.

But then I received e-mails from BACnet International; there will be a B.I./BIG-EU Liaison Committee teleconference at 6 AM (my time) Tuesday. Groan...

And also from BIG-EU: sometime between late Sunday night and early Monday morning (my time again) there will also be a BIG-EU Executive Board teleconference. There is a downside to being an American on the board of a European committee.

If only we'd gone camping...

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