Friday, January 22, 2010

Working Group meetings underway

Two days of BACnet working group meetings are now done. The Lighting Applications group met for a full day, considering alternative approaches to some issues before them. Concurrently the BTL working group plowed through a lot of material before it.

The next day the Objects & Services went through a fair amount of material related to the "Alarming Summit," extending BACnet's alarm capabilities. Life-Safety and Security met for a half day, Testing & Interoperation for almost a couple of hours (starting late but ending on time -- members were too exhausted mentally by 5 PM; it IS hard work).

The XML working group received a team from the Green University of Tokyo Project (GUTP). Noriaka Fujiwara (who I'd met at the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel kickoff meeting last November) gave a presentation on the "Facility Information Access Protocol" (FIAP) they have been developing. This protocol is presented as a complement to BACnet, oriented towards database accesses -- and there was much interest from and discussion by the XML-WG.

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