Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meetings' end

Yesterday (Tuesday) I attended the meeting of the "U.S. Technical Advisory Group" to ISO Technical Committee 205 (aka ISO/TC 205/US TAG). As usual it had fewer technical issues than procedural and other -- including where the U.S. delegation will host the annual meeting of ISO/TC 205 in 2011. Will it be Tempe? Boston? Bar Harbor? Chicago? Scottsdale? Some other place? Exotic and easy-to-get-to just don't seem to fit together. We'll decide later; it will be hard to top our last U.S. meeting in Key West.

Today (Wednesday) it was all Smart Grid stuff -- a regular Building-to-Grid (B2G) teleconference this morning followed by a 4-hout B2G Summit event this afternoon. Would have been better if I'd not been "Sleepless in Orlando" last night, but I made it through to the end and am now almost ready to get some sleep (I hope) and set off homewards at 5 AM, local time.

With a few BACnet work items needing my attention.

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