Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Addenda going to publication

Shortly before we reached the "Addenda Status Reports" item in the agenda, the committee chairman received a report that the 8 addenda recommended earlier for publication had just been approved by ASHRAE. These are:

Addendum h: A set of miscellaneous changes.

Addendum k: UTF-8 support. (This is one outcome of a very old debate.)

Addendum n: Support devices with slow (BACnet) Backup&Restore sequences.

Addendum t: XML data formats.

Addendum u: New Error, Abort and Reject codes.

Addendum w: Simple Value Objects (such as Character String Objects, Date objects, etc., hard work by David Fisher).

Addendum x: Clarifications to the Standard.

Addendum y: MS/TP LAN deployment options (great work by Cliff Copass).

These will appear on the ASHRAE site sometime in the near future.

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