Sunday, January 24, 2010

B.I./BIG-EU Liaison

The Liaison Committee, between BACnet International (B.I.) and the BAC Interest Group - Europe (BIG-EU) had our annual face-to-face meeting today during the ASHRAE winter conference. B.I. reported that the BTL Lab is now ISO accredited -- a big step, fully 10 years after the BACnet Testing Labs Working Group was formed to develop conformance and interoperability testing for BACnet devices! As noted, this now puts the two testing labs on an equal footing, thereby introducing competition between the labs but also necessary cooperation through round-robin testing. (There was mention of a possible third lab, but it's too early to say more.) Then we posed outside for a photo.

Afterwards Andy McMillan and Frank Schubert signed a letter of cooperation.

With the letter signed, sealed and delivered, Frank then showed Andy some of the internals of the BACnet Test Framework (BTF) testing tool.

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