Saturday, January 23, 2010

Elevator Working Group (EL-WG) formed

The BACnet Elevator Working Group (EL-WG) was officially formed a few minutes ago during the plenary session of the BACnet Committee, ASHRAE/SSPC 135, to develop extensions to BACnet to integrate elevators in building automation systems.

There were at least three purposes seen for this integration: to convey elevator alarms over the BACnet building (or metropolitan) networks, to permit operators to monitor elevator operation as needed, and to acquire energy usage from the elevator for (U.S.) Smart Grid purposes.

The EL-WG will meet for a half-hour to an hour during the quarterly face-to-face meetings of the BACnet committee but it is expected that the members present are likely to be BACnet and not elevator experts, so the focus will likely be on the BACnet structure and BACnet services (information conveyance) portions of the proposal.

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