Monday, January 25, 2010

Final session

The BACnet committee wrapped up its business today with approval of various addenda for public review this spring (tentatively March 28th to May 10th). These are as follows:

Addenda to Standard 135-2008 (BACnet):

Addendum i, 4th public review: lighting extensions (Lighting Output object, breaker-stripped status in AO & BO objects)

Addendum z, 2nd public review: misc. changes (MS/TP state machine changes, Clause 5 Transaction State Machine changes)

Addendum ab, 1st public review: new MS/TP baud rates 57.6k & 115k and change supported rate requirements

Addendum ac, 1st public review: defining specified and unspecified dates and times

Addendum to Standard 135.1-2007 (Testing BACnet):

Addendum h, 1st public review: changes to several tests

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