Friday, May 14, 2010

Meeting's end

We wrapped up our week of meetings right at noon today, having reached a pretty impressive goal -- we cut through the backlog of change proposals!

Or at least those change proposals aimed at the BACnet standard itself. Dave Robin put the proposals aimed at the BACnet testing standard on the back burner -- in part because of the makeup of the voting membership we need to address those differently somehow. Our General Interest and especially our User voting members are not likely to care about the particulars of BACnet conformance tests, though the Manufacturer members definitely will!

For my part I was happy to see some of the residue of a decade-old debate over character sets swept away. Some of the issues might not be yet be finally settled but while researching the history of one of my old proposals I found two that were "on hold" that should now be put away, one listed as "accepted" (but after a public review it was replaced by something else), and I could advise the committee that the proposal that triggered the research could also be retired. They agreed, and it was done.

All in all, a successful meeting. And it left me with just enough mental energy after a long drive south to finish a draft of an article for the upcoming first issue of the BACnet International Journal, followed by this blog entry. Tomorrow I head for home.

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