Thursday, May 13, 2010

Committee dinner

It's a very old tradition in the BACnet committee to go out one evening for a no-host dinner together, usually the night before the plenary session begins (spring and fall meetings), or the evening of the Saturday plenary (winter and summer). It's a good opportunity to leave the day's battles behind, to relax and chat.

But this time the plenary is running for a day and a half and our chairman decided to hold it the evening between the two days -- tonight. The committee recently began to complain about always returning to the India Palace in the spring meetings, even though the food is good, not expensive, and it's a bit of a quiet atmosphere. So last year we went somewhere else that was apparently pretty noisy (maybe being effectively deaf the whole time is why I don't remember it), so folks were really happy to return to the India Palace.

But I learned that it can be dangerous to hand your camera to another BACneteer. You never know what you're going to find on it afterwards...

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  1. And the food was good... perhaps too good...