Sunday, May 9, 2010

Device Profile discussions

The BTL-WG met today and plowed through most of our agenda items. Among our discussions was a response to a clarification request about the applicability of Device Profiles that were changed some time after they were created (as the BACnet Smart Sensor and BACnet Smart Actuator did recently). Three possible responses discussed by the group were:

- Use the profile associated with the device's claimed ProtocolRevision.

- Mandate the use of the new profile from this point going forward, regardless of the device's claimed Protocol Revision. (This would not apply retroactively to devices already tested and listed.)

- Starting sometime in the future and going forward, establish (increasing) minimum Protocol Revisions that will be accepted by the lab.

I am sure discussions on these will continue; I could not say that any decisions made today are necessarily final. But a broader discussion on the third point should perhaps be conducted, say, on the BACNET-L e-mail list.

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