Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2 (or is that 3?)

For those of us in the BTL-WG meeting Sunday and still here, this was Day 3 of the Spring Meeting. For almost everyone else it was Day 2. Featuring meetings of the IT-WG (integrating BACnet more into the IT system administrators' world), the IP-WG (IPv6 and other discussions), the Smart Grid-WG (mostly wrap-up and review from yesterday), the Elevator working group (saving the jokes on that one until later, but I did come away with a few work items), and Objects & Services WG focusing on the Alarm Summit work.

And all that was just the conference room I was in all day (pictured). The Lighting folks continued their meeting from yesterday; this evening Christoph mentioned the difficulty of writing up the minutes of the 7 hours of Lighting Control meetings while it is still all fresh. (It took me an hour just to write up the half-hour Elevator Group meeting!) The rough equivalent of my ISO technical committee meetings usually takes me two or three days, though I delve deep into the recordings of the meetings to be sure I miss nothing.

In the meantime, no rest for the weary. Smart-Grid-related e-mails continued to pour in, plus a difficult request for a signed approval from the BIG-EU officeresulting in a quick course in editing PDFs, overlaying a signature, securing the entire document and e-mailing it back, since they were one short of signing authorities due to business travel. (No timely access to printer & scanner-to-PDF was available -- and Britta, you're welcome!)

The full day tomorrow is devoted to Objects & Services WG material. We'll see what Bernhard has lined up for us.

And to our Japanese colleagues whose business here is done: safe travels home on the morrow!

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