Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So long, Roger

Old-time North American BACneteers will remember Roger Braun (on the right), who had attended meetings at least from the kickoff of SSPC 135 in June, 1996. His last appearance in the minutes is in March, 2001, where it is noted what he would be resigning from the committee, his position as liaison to the European committee CEN/TC 247 to be taken up by René Quirighetti (recently retired).

He has done a yeoman's work for some time since as BIG-EU's Treasurer. But his employment has become such that he's now had to resign from BIG-EU and disappear completely from the BACnet world. But I hope that if/when BIG-EU returns to Switzerland, whether for meetings or plugfest, he'll put in an appearance.

So long and good luck, Roger.

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