Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn BACnet Public Review is open

In all the travel preparations (final prep for this and next week's travels, booking eary October trips plus travel requests for two others late October), I nearly forgot that on Friday ASHRAE began the autumn public review of a LOT of material for the BACnet standard (135-2008) and its testing standard (135.1-2009).

There is a lot of material to be reviewed, some of it in process for years, and more of it receiving many, many "committee-hours" (or rather, days!) outside of the regular comittee meetings in development. If you are a BACnet developer I strongly recommend you review these materials! And of course, submit comments if you have any. They are online as PDFs at https://osr.ashrae.org/default.aspx.

A quick rundown of what is in public review is as follows:
Addenda to Standard 135-2008:
Addendum ac: The (proper) Usage of Dates and Times
Addendum ad: Miscellaneous set of changes
Addendum ae: Tweaks to BACnet physical access control
Addendum af: MANY changes, especially major extensions to BACnet alarms
Addendum ag: Two miscellaneous changes

Addenda to Standard 135.1-2009:
Addendum e: BACnet/IP tests
Addendum f: Test Ack Notification timestamps
Addendum g: Add and change tests
Addendum h: Alarm tests
Addendum i: Improve/update/clarify/add tests

This public review is open from Sep 10th through Oct 25. I highly recommend reviewing these addenda and comment if you see anything (anyone can comment, by the way) -- if comments are not received they are automatically deemed to be acceptable to the public and made part of the standard; this is a final check on the work of the committee.

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