Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SPC 201 committee is now underway

ASHRAE/NEMA SPC201 ("Facility Smart Grid Information Model") wrapped up business at 11:58 this morning -- two minutes before scheduled close of meeting. I didn't know that was permitted.

It was interesting to chat afterward with folks new to the ASHRAE standards process. Yes, in many ways this was a typical standards meeting, with the committee spending hours (if allowed) to wordsmith a single sentence, and frequently with discussions dominated by a few participants with the rest observing.

But we came away with working groups defined, conveners volunteered (usually voluntarily), and volunteers to work on the various groups, as follows:

1. Smart Grid use cases and requirements
2. Terminology definitions and model development
3. Conceptual diagrams and definitions of customer facilities
4. Refine white paper (communicate what we're doing to the rest of the world)
5. CIM vs. 61850: definitions and background info. (Advisory group)

(I'm on #1 and 4.)

We have an aggressive schedule ahead, with lots of working group teleconferences, but if this meeting is an indicator we have a good chance of delivering on time.

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