Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Smart Grid: informal public review

Yesterday the NAESB (North American Energy Standards Board) group of the "Standard Energy Usage Information" (PAP10) committee released two draft documents on "Business Practices and Information Model Recommendation" for an informal public review ending Monday, August 16th. The two are identical except that one addresses the wholesale electric market and the other the retail.

This is a good look at the direction the group is going in to define the information transferred from the utility side to the consumer side of the Smart Grid.

I have not found an announcement online, but the e-mail on this was addressed to "Interested Industry Participants." The document can be found here (if you're interested in commenting I can provide the contact info.)

The corresponding ASHRAE commitee, SPC 201, has been formed and holds its kickoff meeting in 2-1/2 weeks, picking up work in progress and running with it.

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