Monday, August 23, 2010

A good reason for not being sick

(if you can avoid it!) Having taken some medicine that left me a bit dizzy, I thought I'd at least sync with my work e-mail. Big mistake; one of my Smart Grid committees have been working hard to overflow my Inbox. The attached shows only a 4-hour span, with e-mails ranging up to 2MB in size, and almost all of it one single thread that will have to be read through at some point. If one signed up for a daily digest instead, the resulting document will be almost impossible to follow due to previous message inclusions.

The BACnet committee tried to conduct business this way back in the mid-90s but burned out so completely that now days often pass between e-mails to the BACNET-L mailing list.

There has to be a better way than e-mail to conduct these conversations. Perhaps a trimmed version of the SlashDot discussions online?

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