Friday, August 6, 2010

Still out of office

Been ill since before my return home, though today shows positive recovery for the first time. My biggest concerns are:

(1) the work not done this week (mostly BACnet stuff, including BACnet Elevators), and

(2) the growing e-mail backlog despite my efforts to hack away at it -- if only to keep my e-mail account storage down below corporate limits.

There simply has to be a better means of offline communications than today's e-mail.

But it's better than nothing: I see today that BACnet IT-WG convener Jim Butler is proposing a two-day meeting either in Boston MA or San Jose CA (I assume CA: if it's Costa Rica I vote for *that*!), Sept. 9&10, or weekly 2-hour teleconferences in September and October. Conferring with my Alerton co-workers before responding...

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