Thursday, June 10, 2010

That's my girl!

Little to report on this week as I've been writing a BACnet white paper and away for a couple of days to participate in an EIS Alliance meeting -- but a few e-mail exchanges gave me an opportunity to make an introduction.

Some of you know my eldest daughter Beth has her MSME; her interest through school and beyond was in energy- efficient vehicles. Recently, though, she changed jobs and is now in an area close to one of mine: she's working with energy-efficiency for residential buildings, whereas my interest is in energy-efficiency for commercial buildings.

A couple of weeks ago, during the Smart Grid meetings in Santa Clara CA, I had dinner with her and her husband (they live in the area). Days later I received the following note in an e-mail from Beth:

Anyways, I was meaning to write you and tell you. When I got back up to Davis the next day, I was casually mentioning to a co-worker what a nice (but short) visit we had, and explained why you were in town. I mentioned the conference and your work with BACnet, and his eyes went big. The owner of my company got up from his office (we have a REALLY small building... it's an old house, really), and his eyes were big as saucers too. They went on about how hard you guys worked on it, how cleverly you navigated all sorts of resources and requirements, and they were surprised I'm related to BACnet Bill! Small world ASHRAE has. :-)

Yes, Beth, it's a small world. And if you start showing up at ASHRAE conferences now, it will look very small to you. (;^}

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