Monday, June 14, 2010

BACnet: The Next Generation

About the time of the previous posting, I received a missive from a BACnet colleague, friend and founder of the BACnet Interest Group - Middle East, Mr. Sabry An-Naggar.

It appears his son has completed three of a five years' course of study in Mechatronics. I was not familiar with the term but it's right there on Wikipedia: "Mechatronics is the synergistic combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering to create, design, and manufacture useful products." (Hm. Sounds exactly like Beth's course of study!)

His son (an Egyptian national) would like to work a summer internship in the U.S. and my assistance in finding him an internship with a controls company is being sought. Naturally, I have a preference that his son works with Alerton BACnet systems but it's only fair to let others know while my request wends its way to Alerton dealers. If you are interested, please let me know.

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