Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meetings begin

The summer week-chock-full-0'-meetings begins in an hour, here in Albuquerque, leading off with the BACnet Testing Labs Working Group Meeting. A little bit amusing that I still don't don't where it will be, other than here in the Hyatt Regency. A missive from the BTL Manager, Duffy O'Craven late last evening indicated it would be in one of the "Enchantment" rooms on the second floor of the hotel (confusingly there is also an "Enchantment" room in the Convention Center, the nearest building in this photo), but whether we will be identified as "BACnet International", "BACnet Testing Labs", "BTL-WG" or simply "Generic Un-Repeating Organization" is not yet known.

But I see too that the BACnet Committee's working group schedule is growing, with the Lighting Applications working group also meeting in Enchantment. May you find success today, guys!

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