Friday, June 18, 2010

Addenda for Albuquerque

We're now less than a week away from the summer ASHRAE meetings in Albuquerque and, according to the "Document Status Summary" just circulated to the working group conveners for review and correction, there are 10 addenda on the table for action during the meeting.

Up for final approval by ASHRAE for publication are:
Addendum 135g, BACnet Network Security
Addendum 135p, Global Group object (per request from Japan)
Addendum 135g, Miscellaneous changes
Addendum 135.1d, COV test changes

For review by the committee for public review are:
Addendum 135aa, WriteGroup service and Channel object (lighting control)
Addendum 135.1e, BACnet/IP test revisions
Addendum 135.1f, Miscellaneous tests
Addendum 135.1g, COV test
Addendum 135.1h, Updating tests

In work:
Addendum 135i, Lighting control, PPR4 comments being processed
Addendum 135ab, Additional MS/TP baud rates, on hold research on timing changes

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