Monday, August 24, 2009

Slow time... for now

Late August is a pretty slow time in the BACnet world; a lot of folks go on vacation, the BACNET-L e-mail list becomes pretty quiet, the BACnet committee chair starts catching up on the backlog of his To-Do list... but it won't be slow for long.

In just a month from today the BACnet International/Facility Decisions conference in Las Vegas NV will have ended, I'll be packing for a trip to Strasbourg, France for BIG-EU meeting, with maybe a week home before the BTL-WG meeting and BACnet International Plugfest in Atlanta GA, followed almost immediately by the Alerton International Sales Conference in Santa Fe NM concurrent with the BACnet Forum Beijing, followed by 2 more weeks at home before returning to Atlanta for the week-long fall meeting of the BACnet committee, possibly preceded by the second "Alarm Summit" of BACnet experts, all taking place in just a month and a half.

I feel tired already.


  1. LOL, you're preaching to the choir, Bill!!!

  2. Hi, Coleman! I know I am for us regular BACneteers. But it's not being helped by the sometimes intractable powerpoints being created for some of these trips.

    For a bit of relief I sometimes turn away and write a BACnet change proposal. That should say something...