Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reading Material

Since I'm speaking at the BACnet Forum Beijing in a couple of months, I'm beginning to keep more of an eye out for material related to the market in China. This morning a Frost&Sullivan webcast grabbed my attention when it mentioned the "3 Star" green building evaluation system in China. Okay, I've been too narrowly focused on North America and Europe (and if I ever get to Hyderabad, India, I'm promised a tour of a LEED Gold building).

Though it seemed unlikely the 3 Star system would be available in English, I figured there would at least be something about it on the web -- and there was! -- once I came up with the right search terms to navigate past all the "3 star" hotel websites on the 'net. I didn't have to call on my Chinese colleagues after all.

The China Green Buildings blog apparently has links to a copy in English. For technical reasons I have to wait until later to download, but it should be interesting reading. Thank you, Mr. Geoffrey Lewis.

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