Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Setting Out

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a stubbed toe. Ouch!" That's not what Lao-Tzu actually wrote but often enough that's how it seems to go. That or "The Item Left Behind." There's not much for me to leave behind on a blog* so it looks like a another toe is about to be stubbed. Ouch!!

What's the blog about? Well, building automation and related stuff I encounter in my work.** Stuff like BACnet, LEED, ARRA, ASHRAE committees, ISO committees, other committees, BIG-EU, BACnet International, standards, guidelines, proposals, processes, colleagues (you guys are all fair game now***), energy, my camera, energy efficiency, conferences, meetings and more. You get the picture: all sorts of exciting stuff! Live-blogging BACnet committee meetings, ouch!!!

Bandaged foot and bindlestiff, we're off.

* Except my sanity -- am I really setting out on this!?

** We're speaking intent here; this is new territory, there's no map.

*** Not really, but you're duly warned.

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