Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BACnet Alarming Summit

OS-WG convener Bernhard Isler issued a broadcast e-mail this morning (his time, in Switzerland, as well as mine) re-announcing Alarming Summit 2, to be held three days in advance of the week-long fall meeting of the BACnet committee this November in Atlanta. Apparently he had announced it earlier this summer but received few responses regarding attendance -- I for one do not recall seeing the message.

8 days straight of technical standards meetings is grueling, even for long-time BACneteers. I know I'll be completely fogged by the time I head home.

But hopefully this will be the last Alarming Summit. Last year we looked at extending BACnet's alarm capabilities, came up with a number of action items, and new proposals been submitted for review and discussion.

(Thanks to David Fisher for last year's graphic.)

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