Friday, March 5, 2010


It's one of those things you know, maybe even think about from time to time, but it doesn't quite become real until it happens...

In this case it's being dependent upon the work laptop. As I learned a day and a half ago when mine was stolen in one of Seattle's recently numerous "smash & grab" incidents -- somebody saw a backpack on the floor of my car (it's a mini SUV with no trunk), smashed a window and grabbed it. With my work laptop inside. (The drive is encrypted, not that there were any corporate or personal secrets on it.)

Immediately my work life was pretty much shut down. No e-mail, no meeting reminders, no teleconferences. At least I had backed the machine up just days earlier so I lost little in terms of work product. A co-worker found a spare laptop so I am back up and running again. Now I have to navigate the corporate maze of getting a replacement.

But I was able to use the day yesterday to move to a new office, the new home of The BAC Cave.

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