Saturday, March 20, 2010

"Saving Energy and Money" talk at NFMT

Speaking at the NFMT 2010 conference this week was quite an experience. Looking at the hall beforehand was itself daunting (TWO screens with seating for over 300, estimating from the early-morning photo), and the room was nearly packed. And there was much interest -- a number of questions after I finished, and even more privately afterwards (perhaps fortunate that we were on an extended break so I could take them right there).

The interest in the topic of "how to save energy and money" (and I've seen very little in ideas outside what's already in the literature --standards, green building rating systems and guidelines-- I present) is higher than I've ever seen it.

Given my participation in multiple seats in the Smart Grid Architectural Committee, this is gratifying. IF we can change the various mechanisms and timings of energy grid loads, we can reduce the need for new power plants and new distribution system loads (and this goes all the way down to to your house with the demand & supply capabilities of electric vehicles -- they are NOT a neutral introduction to the grid!). But a more considered use of energy by commercial buildings will give us more breathing room.

And some of what can be done is achievable in existing buildings with existing infrastructure.

I will be delivering a revised version of this talk at Light+Building in Frankfurt Germany next month. It will be interesting to hear their feedback.

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  1. I do wish you well in fixing the grid. That is something that really needs doing before we have a large collapse.

    What a wonderful contribution you are making.
    L. Hall