Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring public review is underway

Several proposed new addenda to the BACnet (Standard 135) and the associated testing standard (135.1) are out for public review, March 26th through May 10th, at

These are:

Addendum 135-2008g: BACnet network security

Addendum 135-2008i: BACnet lighting control

Addendum 135-2008z: Miscellaneous changes

Addendum 135-2008ab: Adding more standard MS/TP baud rates

Addendum 135-2008ac: Clarifying (hopefully!) the use of Dates and Times
Addendum 135.1-2009e: Revising BACnet/IP tests

Addendum 135.1-2009f: A set of new and revised tests

Addendum 135.1-2009g: (Mislabeled -2007 on the website) A set of new and revised tests

Addendum 135.1-2009h: Change several tests

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